World Organisation Power Ranking

Twiplomacy’s World Organisation Power Ranking lands at a turbulent moment in 21st century history.

The pandemic’s constantly shifting sands have now been joined by a war in Europe, turning global conversations on their axis once again. Global energy status quos are being challenged, inflation is rising rapidly and cost of living is skyrocketing. The ramifications seem set to spill over to touch every life on the planet, much like COVID-19 did in 2020. The permacrisis, a term coined in 2021 referring to volatility, uncertainty and a prolonged sense of emergency, seems even more apt in 2022.

With global emergencies, global solutions are called for and world organisations responding to these are finding new levels of digital influence. Twiplomacy’s 2022 World Organisation Power Ranking reveals the relative influence of global organisations in #DigitalDiplomacy, illuminating the power of international affairs conducted through digital channels. This vital snapshot captures the changes in digital influence brought about by the pandemic, and points to further shifts that will likely accompany the war in Ukraine. 

Our latest ranking focuses on Twitter as a primary global platform for #DigitalDiplomacy, unrivalled for its ability to break and be news, and to drive debate and engagement with, about and between political actors. We also ground our new methodology in the open data provided by Twitter’s API, which enables us to effectively measure digital influence in this highly political context. 

The WHO (1, @WHO) is undoubtedly a leader among world organisations with 1.5 times the influence of the second ranked UNICEF (2, @UNICEF). The WHO Twitter account has more followers than McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Walmart combined, and its enhanced influence as a result of the pandemic seems set to last into 2022. 

The power of being a United Nations entity  responding to global issues can also be seen throughout the top 10 with UNICEF (2, @UNICEF), UNESCO (3, @UNESCO), UNHCR (4, @Refugees), and UN Women (5, @UN_Women) completing the top five. 


Within the top 10, economics, development and the environment also feature with the World Bank (6, @WorldBank), UN Development Programme UNDP (7, @UNDP) and UN Environment Programme UNEP (9, @UNEP). The European Commission (8, @EU_Commission) is the highest-ranked regional representative, with the African Union (22, @_AfricanUnion) the only other to appear in the top 25. 

Top 5 Deep Dive

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The Ranking
The new World Organisation Power Ranking includes all UN recognised organisations consisting of its own agencies and the intergovernmental organisations with a standing invitation from the UN to participate as observers.


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