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UN Women Engages to Create Influence

Like UNHCR, UN Women is an account with a higher engagement rate which significantly expands its influence despite lower follower numbers. While identity politics is not a driver of influence in the list generally, with regional bodies struggling to feature in the top 50, UN Women’s content reaches and engages its followers more than any other feed in the top five. 

Most of the account’s posts are driven by highly visual elements. From eye-catching art to infographics, videos and portraits, UN Women’s messaging thrives on Twitter when because it is anchored by alluring, shareable visuals. On the rare occasions that the text speaks for itself, posts are enhanced with relevant emojis and hashtags, keeping content easy on the eye and maintaining a conversational tone by including prompts that encourage continued follower interactions.

UN Women is also willing to join broader conversations around world events, tethering its content to significant global calendar moments such as International Women’s Day (#IWD2022) and Women’s History Month (#WomensHistoryMonth)as well as current affairs and issues, such as climate change (#ClimateAction; #ClimateChange) and the war in Ukraine (#Ukraine).

For instance, we found that organic mentions of UN Women spiked on dates around instances of reporting on gender-based violence in Myanmar, as well as Iran’s election to the UN Women’s Rights Committee. This suggests that, thanks to its highly engaged and loyal follower base, UN Women has built an authoritative presence on Twitter. Its following fuels organic mentions as part of these debates even without UN Women pushing out its own tweets on these issues.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 13.35.59.png

All of which means that while UNICEF has four times more followers than UN Women, UN Women tweets are retweeted 194 times on average, compared to UNICEF’s 142 retweets, and an average of 583 likes per tweet compared to top ranking WHO’s 596.



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