The algorithm

Twiplomacy’s new ranking algorithm has been designed to identify what influence is on Twitter among a particular list of handles. Given a specified time interval and list of Twitter handles, the algorithm assigns a tailored weighting to variables including mentions, tweets, retweets, reach, impressions, follower changes, likes and follower count. We display this as a rescaled composite score calculated for each handle within a 1-100 range. 

With global emergencies, global solutions are called for and world organisations responding to these are finding new levels of digital influence.

Twiplomacy’s 2022 World Organisation Power Ranking reveals the relative influence of global organisations in #DigitalDiplomacy, illuminating the power of international affairs conducted through digital channels. This vital snapshot captures the changes in digital influence brought about by the pandemic, and points to further shifts that will likely accompany the war in Ukraine. 

Designed by the BCW Data & Analytics Team for Europe and Africa, our new methodology allows us to uncover what influence is in digital diplomacy in 2022.


Top 50 Power Ranking